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Discrimination Video

As a graduate of Parkdale Collegiate Institute (a very multicultural high school in Toronto), I have had the privilege of being immersed in many different cultures and considered myself very well educated on diversity. That being said, I constantly am aware of how, much of the world is not as open to diversity. During my 4 years at Parkdale, I created a PSA touching on stereotypes along with a few of my fellow classmates and won an Anti-Discrimination contest across Canada in 2010. I recreated the idea of stereotypes in my second year here at Ryerson, using elements of the PSA from high school.


Health Magazine

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Health Magazine

Health is a magazine I made for a final project in my Graphic Design class this past fall 2015, at Ryerson. Each week we worked on a different part of the magazine and I am proud of the outcome. The title of the magazine is Health and is a magazine for women’s health, which is something I myself and very passionate about.


A Mandala is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, made from a nest of squares and circles to represents connection. Mandala colouring books are current trends among adults as they bring out imagination and take us back to our childhood. They also work as a form of art therapy. Art is known to de-stress human beings, and these drawing are a form of creative expression. Mandala uses the program “Processing” to create abstract drawings based on one dominant circle, which has a set of rules that changed based on the variants. The size and width of the additional circles changed as they were drawn. Each time the sketch is played, it produces a unique Mandala. I then captured the images using a PDF function and my partner and I picked four of our favourites which were then printed on 48×36” paper. The print was then posted in the lobby of the Rogers Communication Center at Ryerson for anyone to walk by and color. A projection of the code ran on a Bristol board next to the Mandala for audience members to gain perspective to the process of how the Mandalas were made.